A space adventure set on a lone ship where the clones 
of a murdered crew just find their murderer 
before they kill again.

The setup of a 400 year journey through space were six clones are maintaining the ship and cargo are brutally murdered was really appealing to me. I thought  that the mixture of space/sci-fi and murder/mystery is really nice.

So what do i like about the book. Well first of all it was a enjoy full read without any quirks the way the story is narrated. The details especially the tech that is present, like food printers and cloning but also the politics related to cloning are well presented and explained. I liked it in general how Mur Lafferty integrates it into the main story line. Most of the time she accomplishes to keep the read interesting.

The Bad. I didn’t like that the back story of the actual murder is quite dull. It is a simple, they are responsible for the death of my dad so they are evil and i will kill them. I found that this, compared to the stories of the other crew members was the least developed. Also from time to time the conversations or situations develop in a strange “not so natural” way.

Overall i never was bored and wanted to know how the story ends and what happens to the six wakes.

610 - A nice read with an unusual setting